Jan. 2nd, 2011

Okay, so.

I've seen [livejournal.com profile] thundersquall being hated on about a thousand times on the anon memes (kpfm, kpsm, kpwhateverm), and I haven't said anything publicly about it until now, when I am going to say something about it and fuck you if you feel unhappy about what I'm going to say.

I know Sheena in person. I have met her several times. She has visited my home, and talked to my parents. She is one of the people I call a friend. And so this gives me the right to comment on her situation, unlike many of the anons who don't seem like they even know her personally, and are simply riding on hatred that they've heard from other people.

What I have to say is this: no matter what problems you feel you have with her, no matter how upset you might be with her, no matter what she might have done to anger you, there is nothing that justifies going to an anon meme and sprouting insulting, degrading comments about her. Nothing justifies posting up her private tweets on the anon meme and criticising it with a bunch of people who seem to think that insulting someone in cyberspace under the cloak of anonymity is cool. Nothing justifies exaggerating and twisting situations around to make it seem like it was ten times worse than it really is.

Let me get something straight: the friends' cut Sheena did that has apparently wounded so many people's asses. She didn't do it because people don't ship YeWook. Hell, don't ship YeWook, and she has never given me grief about that. Why the fuck would she give grief to people because they don't ship YeWook? She did that friends' cut because anons were fucking insulting her on every anon meme that came up, and many of those insults were tied in to personal comments she made on her locked lj posts and tweets. Which means that some of the people on her f-list and t-list were putting them up for ridicule and ignorant hate. People whom she considered friends. I have so much I could condemn about this practice but I'm just going to say this: if you're joining someone's f-list or t-list just to get the dirt on them, you are below even common respect, and I have none for you.

We criticise antis in Korea for flaming and insulting idols, and we call them batshit and cray cray and insane and all sorts of negative adjectives that we can think of. Well, what makes you think you're any better than them? In fact, I would say that hating anonymously on someone whom you profess to have been friends with is even lower than antis of idols. 

And finally to address two absolutely ignorant comments: 

pm the story of a basic bitch who rode on the fame of her bnf friends then became more popular than them

1) Contrary to popular belief, she is not a bitch. Stop throwing that word around so lightly. It does not make you cooler.
2) She has BNF friends, yes. Does that bother you? She made those friendships with better intentions than you made hers.
3) She became popular because she is a good writer and reader and basically a friendly person, and if being friendly means you're a bitch, I'm sorry, I must have missed out on that briefing.

i can smell thundersquall's third world cunt in memar rn

1) Get your facts right before you go shooting off your mouth. Singapore is not a third world country. It happens to be one of the most advanced countries in Asia, if not the world, with one of the highest records of personal wealth, safety, home ownership, and economic stability. The average Singaporean owns a home and a car, can speak a minimum of two languages, is well-travelled, and has spending power greater than most Asian countries' citizens. Going around thinking that any country you've not heard of is third world is incredibly ignorant and stupid behaviour. And by the way, jsyk, Asia is not made up purely of China, Korea and Japan.
2) Calling someone a 'cunt' is degrading to the utmost degree and if you have ever screamed for liberalism and women's rights, you are bringing yourself right back to the 18th century.

To sum everything up: I am disgusted by any person who finds fulfillment in hating anonymously on their ex-friends / people they've heard are terrible. Perhaps you don't realise it, but the person you're hating on isn't just a username on your screen. It is a real, flesh and blood person, and you are hurting her. You scream about how antis drive Korean idols to suicide, and you condemn their vitriolic comments and malicious behaviour. Now take a step back and look at yourself. What, in god's name, makes you think that you are doing anything different from what they're doing? What makes you feel more justified than they are in doing it? 

This post isn't merely for Sheena, but for anyone and everyone who has received hatred on anon memes and had to leave fandom to get away from it.

And as an ending note: I don't give a fuck if you're going to quote this on your beloved anon memes and call me butthurt or trying to court Sheena's favour or however you would like to twist this to suit your little theories about why you hate certain people. If doing that would make you happy, you are a far bigger bitch, loser, and coward than I or any of the people you hate on would ever be.



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