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Report in point form - but very long points!

Anyway, everyone knows that Bangkok usually has some of the best Super Shows, right. The guys really seem to like interacting with the audience and horsing around with each other. So that's what they did.

I went with my best friend, who likes SJ but isn't a passionate fan, and she had fun so I guess that's testament to how good SS4 is :)

Stuff that I remember, might not be in chronological form, and of course heavily EunHae-biased:

1. The concert started about half an hour late because people were still streaming in at 7pm. There were quite a lot of empty seats, actually, which I did anticipate because there were so many people selling their tickets with seemingly few buyers. While we were waiting, there was suddenly this HUGE RUSH of people in the upper levels dashing down to the unfilled rows in front, because it seems like there were a lot of empty 1500baht seats. Best friend's rationale: "The people who bought 3000THB couldn't afford 4500THB, and the people who bought 900THB were the fans who really want to come but can't afford more expensive tickets, and so nobody wants to buy 1500THB because it's in the middle of nowhere, neither near nor extremely cheap." I think she was right. Anyway, there were rows and rows of empty seats - quite surprising really. And the people got a free upgrade!

2. There isn't much to say about the opening - Superman, Opera, A Man in Love, etc., just choreographed awesomeness.

3. Introduction - Hyuk and Hae were whispering around and talking throughout, and I think Yesung was joining in the conversation midway, basically Teuk was chattering away while his dongsaengs were having their own conversation. All the guys introduced themselves in Thai, and Donghae and Siwon both read out a bunch of Thai from pieces of paper that they took out. It was quite cute lol.

4. Walkin' - the guys were lying on the stage initially instead of standing up walking on their little...sliding things, idk what they're called. Donghae was lying on Siwon and everyone shrieked cos, SiHae, I guess?

5. There was this song that Siwon and Teuk were grinding against each other - I can't remember what it is! But Siwon is a slut.

6. More on Siwon being a slut - during Oops, he jumped out the way he does, strutted to Hyukjae and put his arm around him, said something in Thai (probably something to do with kissing) and Hyuk replied in Thai and they made kissy mouths at each other.

7. Henry's solo - was flawless, but apparently he was a little sick. He said so when he came out, but also that he felt better now cos of all the ~love~ he felt from the audience.

8. Hyukjae's Say My Name - was adorably fun. He stood there and read out Thai names for a reallllly long time, and the audience also had to correct his pronunciation, whereupon he would repeat it cutely and everyone would scream and it was just really funny and sort of "omgggg please let me squish you" thing. At the end of his solo, he came back down to the stage and continued standing there and I was thinking "huh?" then I realised that his foot was jammed in the crate and he couldn't move LOL. Finally he managed to signal to a staff member and got the crate lifted so he could escape!

9. Teuk's solo - fans were FIGHTING over the roses.

10. Sungmin's solo - was sexy and slutty.

11. Ryeowook's solo - he was VERY touchy-feely with the dancer this time round, he was seriously groping her everywhere, running his hand over her body and legs and they were grinding etc.etc., it felt a lot more touchy than it was in SS4 SG!

12. Oppa Oppa - was incredibly fun as usual, but nothing much to mention except that Hyuk and Hae again held hands while saying "I say EunHae, you say Oppa!"

13. You & I - They actually left out the "Find SJ a girlfriend" segment, which was a relief because I never really understood what the point of that segment was - idk if they did it for the other two days though. Anyway, they got Hyuk to demonstrate the dance, which is victory sign followed by gentle waving of elbows and then the "sorry sorry" gesture with a "HA!" at the end. They came walking around the stadium and when they got to the podium near me, this girl sitting two seats away threw this giant mudskipper soft toy STRAIGHT into Hyukjae's arms. And he caught it, which speaks much for his reflexes! The mudskipper was big and brown and had VERY bulgey-out eyes. Hyuk raised it up and stared at it in the face with a O.o look, like "why does this weird soft toy exist?", then decided that it needed some love and started squishing its little fins together in the "You & I" dance. IT WAS SO ADORABLE, I DON'T EVEN HAVE WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT PROPERLY. Basically, he made the mudskipper dance to "You & I" and then threw it back to the girl before leaving. AHHH. SO CUTE. And he and Donghae made the "heart" sign too.

14. Good Friends/Pajama Party - Siwon's little junior was apparently showing quite clearly through his tight Superman briefs, so he kept covering his crotch, which was kind of hilarious. Later on as he was walking around, he took off his cape and tied it around his waist like a skirt. He then jumped onto the podium where Kyu was and started messing with an apple. Best friend said that Teuk was also covering his crotch at one point because his Hulk Hogan tighties were riding up XD Hyukjae was flapping around in his chicken wings, jumping here and there and running up to the side and then fly-jumping back down to take a bite out of Siwon's apple. He is so fluffy and flappy, IDE.

15. Our Love - Hyukjae took Donghae's microphone and knelt down before him, holding it up to his mouth. Donghae sang, tickled Hyukjae's chin and Hyuk sang the last line - okay I sound very unenthusiastic about this now but when it was happening it was a very keysmashy moment and they are so lovably cute and <3333! Also I think Teuk cried, but TBH Teuk cries so often that his tears have sort of lost meaning for me and I was just like: "again?!" The Thai fans did a project where they gave us coloured paper to form words but I couldn't read the words so idk what they said, heh. The balloons fell just a few feet away from me and we really wanted them :(

16. Sungmin came up and started throwing the balloons at us, and the two girls just behind us got the balloon - DAMMMMN EEEET. Sungmin then threw more balloons into the stands and when the balloons floated back to him he started blowing and blowing in the unlikely hope that he could blow them back to us, which was very cute. I mean, you know - the way Sungmin does his cute.

17. DoReMi - Hyuk flipped a cartwheel, then Donghae did his "clown" cartwheel thing (ref: Full House), then Kyu did his cartwheel thing, and they were all pretty much just showing off. Shindong came out in big blue sunglasses and did his thing with Siwon and at the end of it, he stood near the main stage taking off his Maria wig and dress like a striptease with the guys all lined up in front of him pointing their microphones at him, then BANG BANG went the pyrotechnics and Shindong-Maria was shot down. Actually, they kept doing the "killing" thing...I swear someone was "killed" with every burst of pyrotechnics lmao.

18. Dancing Out - Hyuk was talking to Siwon when Donghae decided that he needed to get rid of his overalls. So he walked purposefully up to Hyuk and tapped him in a "hey, it's undressing time", and Hyuk obligingly started tearing (I mean it: tearing!) the overalls off him. Donghae obliged, and there they were tearing clothes off each other, then Hyuk's overalls got stuck on his right leg and Donghae was tugging and tugging and it was their time to sing! Which they sang very badly and off-time because they were so distracted by the overalls, and then Donghae gave up and started running off and Hyuk tried to pull him back: "YOU BITCH! COME BACK AND HELP ME!" Donghae didn't bother with him and Hyuk was sort of, FML and FMBFF. XDDDD Later on it seemed that all was forgiven because they started dancing crazily together.

19. Sometime during the show, Donghae came up to the podium and started hugging the fans at the corner. Fans all grabbed at him and he was being devoured by the crowd before he managed to extricate himself and I was just like, .....Donghae.

20. Towards the end, when they were all sitting on the stairs, Donghae kept dipping his head as though he was sick/wanted to vomit/headache/etc. I couldn't see exactly what he was doing but he looked sick. Then Hyuk got up from beside Siwon (who was in between them) and went over to Donghae, started patting him on the shoulder and head and pulling him in a "come onnnnn" way. Best friend said "he was sayang-ing him" but I think it looked a little more like "omgggg, you sick, really?"

21. I think he was really a little sick though, cos right after that he came and stood in front of us for "Destiny", and he kept rubbing his nose like it was running or something. But he was still really sweet to the fans, took polaroid cameras and handphones to selca with the fans. A girl was holding out her handphone to him and he took it and put it inside his pants pocket with the FLIRTIEST "hey, you gave it to me, so it's mine now!" look at her - UGH DONGHAE. He also took a rolled up poster-like thing and wandered a little up and down, being all lovey to the fans. Then he peeped into the poster with a "hmm what's this" look and GAVE IT AWAY TO THE PIT FANS and I felt so sorry for the fan who gave it to him :( Poor girl. Anyway, he then took the handphone out of his pocket again and returned it to its owner with a "Haha, see, I was just kidding" look. In short, Donghae is reallllly adorable and very very short. Never realised it as clearly as I did that night.

22. During the final walkabout, the mudskipper was again thrown onto the stage and this time it was Shindong who picked it up and looked at it with a "O.o" face LOL. Mudskipper, success!

23. While they were chatting away on stage, this manip of Hyuk as a girl was being passed around and I have to say, it was very well-done...he looked HOT. I mean, she.

24. Teuk got wet along with a fan randomly picked up from the pen - she was wearing hideously high heels - and he hugged her while they both got sprayed with water. Later on the boys PILED towels on her until she was an unrecognisable lump and three of them hugged her at the same time. Guess she saved a lot of orphans in a previous life...

25. Speaking of spraying, Hae sprayed the canister of foam directly at Hyuk during - some song I don't remember what - and I almost got Shindong's foam in my face but ducked away in time :D

26. Miracle - Teuk was running in my section when he tripped over the carpeting on the stage and dislodged it. I thought he was going to fall on his ass, cue collective gasp from everyone who saw it. The carpeting looked dangerous and turns out it was, cos after that Yesung almost tripped and fell over it too :(

General observations:

- Best friend concurs with me that Hyukjae has beautiful flawless skin, while members like Donghae and Shindong and Kyu have very noticeable pimple scars even with all the make-up.

- Remember the big controversy on Omona a year or so back when Hyuk spoke Thai on a variety programme? How he was criticised for being racist and making fun of other cultures, etc.? Well, I can tell you that the Thai fans LOVED it when he spoke the exact same Thai at the concert. They were all laughing so hard. So. Whatever.

- Security was very, very anal. They were doing BODY CHECKS. They were also distracting because they kept telling people to either put away their phones (people were recording on their iPhones) or to hand over their cameras.

All in all, a very enjoyable concert. I have to confess though, I had better fun at the SG concerts, partly because the translation was in English and I could understand what was going on, and partly because in SG, fans were more willing to stand up and bounce along to the songs. The girl behind me told me twice to sit down EVEN DURING THE ENCORE and I was like wtf? It was quite annoying really, especially since other people were standing up as well.

That's all - if you made it to the end of this long-winded report, congratulations! :D

I'm also uploading the fancams I managed to take onto my Youtube channel - paperalcohol. So go check out if you're interested - I have Siwon-in-Superman-embarrassment ;)

Date: 2012-03-19 05:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] farahaehyuk.livejournal.com
omg you had so much fun and i envy you. huhu
we are still waiting for SS4 Malaysia to be announced :(
i laughed so hard when u said siwon is a slut. lol. but i kinda agree with that because he is whoring with everyone okay. hahaha
and i second that eunhyuk has a really flawless skin and donghae, kyu 's pimple scar can't be covered with their make up.(i noticed this when i watched them last year in ss3 singapore)
i'm so going to check your youtube! :)



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