So I'm finally back from Nanjing and somewhat ready to make a concert report, though warnings in advance that my memory is sketchy and mixed up and I did not, horrors, recognise many of the songs in the SS3 set list. Trawling through the labelled fancams for the Beijing concert sort of helped in identifying some of the encore songs but does not help make me feel any better about not recognising so many songs (the set list for SS3 is so weird, okay?).

And with this, I commence the crazy Nanjing concert report of doom. )
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How ironic is it that after years of wanting an idol group coughNEWSahem to do a cover of Mr. Children, in the end it's Donghae and Sungmin who oblige with their live of 'Kurumi'? 

I don't really know what to say. I'm still trembling from the joy and disbelief of how awesome it is when my fandoms collide *____*

And fuck HaeMin sounded goddamned good singing it, ok, even through all the crazy static and general awfulness of the audio quality.

If there is any justice in this world at all, this duet will be included in the Fuji TV (?) broadcast of the KRY+DS concert so that I can rip the audio out of it and spend the rest of my life being sobby and teary-eyed over it, or something.
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The choreography is meh but holy fuck they look so good. THEY LOOK SO GOOD A;LSDKASLK

AM STILL THINKING OF WAYS TO MOLEST HYUK'S MOUTH IN THE APPROPRIATE WAY IT NEEDS TO BE MOLESTED. AFTER THAT, I'LL GET ON TO DONGHAE'S ARMS. Am also exploding slowly but surely from the hip thrusts. GDI they are so deliberate and intended to impregnate and ;aldskjlkj Hyuk knows how to work those hips, okay. He is adept at it. He is expert.

Shindong. I love Shindong's part towards the end and everything about Shindong in this video. And Kyuhyun. I am so stoked that he is in the dance break. Wook has the most gorgeous cheekbones ever and it CONTOURS with the swinging lamp, lmao. There isn't enough Sungmin but whatever Sungmin I can see is gorgeous.

I have to admit that watching it in LQ for the first time did absolutely nothing for me but I am so, so much happier with the HD. See, rule of life: It's much easier to fangirl when you can see them properly in all their unf :D

I shall continue obsessively replaying the hip thrusts and dance break. On that note, am so happy that they included a dance break because it lifts up the meh of the general choreography.

Also have to throw in a word about how we were all freaking out at 11am KST when the video didn't come out. This is probably the first time I've ever sat around and waited for a stupid music video to be released, lmfao.
lsdkjcfkljh back from the Suju concert. Oh my god. I feel like I've never given them the adequate amount of love they deserve because they are so amazing. They interacted so much with the audience and picked up gifts strewn on the stage and unwrapped presents and put on silly headbands and played with toys and THEY ALL LOOKED SO FUCKING GORGEOUS IN THE FLESH, IT'S SURREAL A;DLKJCALSDJ

The only complaint I have is that Eunhyuk was hardly ever on my side except at the end, but oh my god the HyukHae was happening everywhere. Crystal, you would have died along with me. THE VERY LAST MOMENT OF THE CONCERT, DONGHAE AND HYUK WERE THE ONLY ONES LEFT ON STAGE AND HAE WAS BLOWING KISSES TO THE AUDIENCE AND HYUK WAS ALL "WHAT ABOUT ME?!" AND HAE KISSED HIS HAND AND SLAPPED IT ON HYUK'S MOUTH AND I SORT OF WENT, THANK YOU OTP THIS IS WHAT I CAME HERE FOR /promptly collapses

Speaking of Donghae, he was over at my side so much and seriously, this guy is just drop dead gorgeous. He was wearing his black wifebeater at one point and I could see the line of muscles on his chest, and then he flashed this big wide smile at everybody and I might or might not have screamed my head off. I screamed my head off for pretty much everyone, though. Siwon, Yesung, Sungmin (!!!!), Heechul, Ryeowook, Shindong were on my side a lot and oh my god Sungmin is utterly fuckingly perfect and dripping with adorability. Shindong was total entertainment and I was so pleased that everyone was shrieking for him because I swear he does not get enough love. Hyuk did finally deign to come over at the end and I think I should stop here because MY MIND WAS COMPLETELY BLOWN HOW CAN A MAN BE SO GORGEOUS IN EVERYTHING AND FROM ANY ANGLE A;SLDJA;SLDCF;LAJD

This is a brief summary XD [ profile] trivialaffair, [ profile] htenywg, [ profile] towa_no_imi, possibly [ profile] ununoriginal and I are going to team up to make a fan report to end all fan reports :D

So very blissful now, despite sore throat and semi-blocked nose :D



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