Had dinner and ice cream by the river with [livejournal.com profile] ununoriginal and [livejournal.com profile] trivialaffair tonight, and I think the highlight was:

triv: Yeah, so, tell me. What happened? I don't know.
Me: Right. My friend....has a mother.
triv/unun: ...........................OH OF COURSE. SHE WOULD. Your friend has a MOTHER. BAHAHAHAHA.
Me: I didn't realise it sounded so stupid until I said it! 
triv: That's why it was so funny. Best opening line ever.
Me: Yes. Yes. So my friend has a mother. And her mother has...a birthday.

I am a born storyteller, obviously :D Accolades, please.

I know I've been flailing about Suju a lot, so I shall take a break from it this post and flail over Shige again, because this Wagahai entry rules lives. Shige and his problems with being over-loved. Kato-sama, I do so heartily sympathise. And on that note, Massu is adorable and should complain more so Wagahai gets to record it down for our general amusement.

Also, ngl...this piece of writing about Ryo's Chonmage Purin cracked me up so hard because I mean. A TIME-TRAVELLING SAMURAI TURNED PASTRY CHEF. Pastry chef! Of all things! Because, ofc, he had to time travel to fulfill his true destiny. Pastry chefs didn't exist in the times of samurai. That makes sense, totally. Oh god. /laughs forever
What I’m aiming for is to step forward into Korea!
My “Korea Boom” is, as usual, continuing. It’s been 1 and a half months since I’ve started learning Korean but recently when I went to Korea for the first time in half a year, I could read all the characters on the signs! I’m thinking that someday I’d want to cross over that line from Japan to Korea in regards to things like music and dramas and entertainment and so now, to be able to achieve that, I’m practising my Korean everyday.
- Koyama

Looking for the phantom seasoning
Lately Korean movies are passionate! Especially the movie “utsusemi” left an impact on me. Within a 1 hour 30 minute story, the main character didn’t even have 1 line. The heroin only had 1 line, “I love you*”. Despite that, it was done really well! And also I’ve been looking at other works by the director, Kim Ki-duk, and I’ve been watching a wide variety of Korean movies. Up until now I hadn’t watched anything but Japanese films. . it was unexpected to me though. And then, this time I’ve started to grow an interest in the country of Korea itself and recently me and Koyama went along with a mutual acquaintance of ours.
- Shige

Both quotes taken from this translation

KoyaShige have become Korean fanboys, yo.

I feel so proud of them ;___; XD

I should scheme about sending them a DVD of the full season of Explorers of the Human Body; I think they'd really appreciate it :D



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