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One of the best mishearings in a while happened during my last Statistics class. The lecturer was going through chi-square material for the final exam.

Lecturer: Hmm, yeah, okay, you'll need to know Cramer's Phi.
Me: (awakes from spacing out) Huh? 
Me: (to James) What's the Famous Five?
James: Huh? What's Famous Five?
Me: She said we needed to remember the Famous Five.
James: (flips textbook confusedly) But there isn't anything called the Famous Five...
Joyce: (enters conversation) Why do you two look so confused?
Me: What's the Famous Five?
Joyce: Huh?
Joyce: you mean 'Cramer's Phi'? 
Me: ....OH!!!!11!!
James: Huh? Cramer's pie?
Joyce: OMG you two. One Famous Five, one Cramer's pie. What, you think this is Enid Blyton? Something to eat? OMG. OMGGGGG.

And here I thought statisticians were being cool by naming their mathematical steps after 'Famous Five'...associating themselves with a famous theme to capture attention or help people know, like newspaper headlines being Oh Fredo. You break my heart. Evidently not, though. :|

Hi everybody. Good luck to all the ill-lucked people having finals along with me ;___;

.....I have a massive urge to write epic KyuHyuk. 10,000 words. Or something. It's been so long since I've written something above 10k a;sldkj;aslkj /fingers getting itchy

I also expect that I will be the only reader of my 10k KyuHyuk ;__;
I feel sick, my throat is sore, I aggravated it by having curry, fried udon, and iced drinks today, I have too many pineapple tarts and tangerines left to finish, I haven't done any studying for next week's mid-terms, I overspent this week, I won't have much time to rest over the next three days, I am bereft of one netbook, I should really go to sleep, I love [ profile] trivialaffair, and I love Donghae when he looks like this:

That is all.



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