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I am loving how this:

became this: 

Growing up has its benefits. ;) 

Also, I bought myself a camera today. After twenty three years of life on this planet, I am finally owning my own image capture device. I am happy. Expect lots of photo spam in future. :DDDDD 
There is an article in the Straits Times today about Singapore's last surviving village, Kampung Lorong Buangkok, with pictures of the quaint green houses and pink doors. While reading it I felt like going to visit it to see what it was like since it's going to be pulled down soon to make way for ~modern developments~, but my dad said "Yah you young people can go see it, I don't really care." So I said, "Were there lots of kampungs (villages) in your childhood? Did you go to them?" 

Apparently he had visited many of them, in fact, both Chinese and Malay villages, which then sparked a string of memories that I shall title: Singapore in the 1960s (or 'Swimming With Shit').

A taste of South-East Asian life back then: houses on stilts, fishing through toilet bowls, spearing swordfishes, and lots of shit. Literal, shit. )
Gasp! Gem is posting about NEWS!

But yes. I've read the post on [ profile] news_jpop about Yamapi's 'statement' to the fans and the subsequent reactions of the fans to it. Summarily, there's the group that says 'Let's relax and wait and believe in Yamapi' and the other group that says 'We should be concerned about it!'

Needless to say, I am of the second group.

A thesis on NEWS' situation and the fans' reactions )
I have decided to do the 30-day k-pop meme and hopefully the result will turn out more successful than the last 30-day meme :| In order to make it more successful, I shall do more than one category per day!

But before that, things that I've been up to since the last time I updated:

- Still looking for a job. I'm waiting for one employment agency to get back to me about a potential Marketing Communications job, and I am really hoping they will get back to me :|

- Have been amused at [ profile] meiface's adoption of the World Cup. Pretty soon she'll know more about football than me. I think she already knows more of the current players. I bet most of you didn't know I used to be a huge football fan :D

- Speaking of the World Cup, S.Korea vs Argentina took the joy out of life for about half an hour D: 

- Have finished Geisha, A Life. It is as different from Memoirs of a Geisha as can be imagined. No wonder Iwasaki threw a bitch fit at Golden :|

- Have basically been bored out of my mind. I've spent a couple of days at the airport with [ profile] thundersquall, have had any amount of deep profound discussion/fangirling with [ profile] pregnantcigar, have met friends for lunch,...and that is it O.o I've been bumming around at home the rest of the time and I am getting tired of it.

...Onwards to the meme! 

four categories in one day is the road to successful completion of meme. )

Today I bid farewell to two things very dear to me: my desktop computer and [ profile] trivialaffair.

In a sense it's not entirely farewell, since the desktop computer can be fixed (at least, I am in great hopes that it can be fixed) and triv will come online again (at least, I am in great hopes that she will, considering how fail she is in correspondence), but I feel sad anyway :|

My computer was not supposed to bid farewell to me. It was working fine this morning. And then, in the middle of a Youtube video, it froze and made this sad, grinding noise. I attempted to restart it, whereupon it started to wail, and it didn't stop wailing until I turned off the power switch. It continues to wail whenever I try to turn it on :| I appreciate its grief at parting with me, but really. Stop your stupid wailing and just work already D:

As for's been a wonderful five months and whether you read this or not, I've had the greatest of times hanging out with you and talking about a thousand irrelevant things and pitying the crotch cameraman and admiring mountain ranges and getting depressed over fic and coming up with insane trailer ideas and failing at watching DBSK together. If I go to Buffalo, you are under obligation to see me at least once. You and [ profile] ky_rin. Why do you both love me and leave me? I feel so abandoned now D:

I have nothing else more constructive to say except that HyukChul is beautiful together, I could ship them based simply on how pretty they are, and, um, Crystal deserves to win American Idol.
Had dinner and ice cream by the river with [ profile] ununoriginal and [ profile] trivialaffair tonight, and I think the highlight was:

triv: Yeah, so, tell me. What happened? I don't know.
Me: Right. My friend....has a mother.
triv/unun: ...........................OH OF COURSE. SHE WOULD. Your friend has a MOTHER. BAHAHAHAHA.
Me: I didn't realise it sounded so stupid until I said it! 
triv: That's why it was so funny. Best opening line ever.
Me: Yes. Yes. So my friend has a mother. And her mother has...a birthday.

I am a born storyteller, obviously :D Accolades, please.

I know I've been flailing about Suju a lot, so I shall take a break from it this post and flail over Shige again, because this Wagahai entry rules lives. Shige and his problems with being over-loved. Kato-sama, I do so heartily sympathise. And on that note, Massu is adorable and should complain more so Wagahai gets to record it down for our general amusement.

Also, ngl...this piece of writing about Ryo's Chonmage Purin cracked me up so hard because I mean. A TIME-TRAVELLING SAMURAI TURNED PASTRY CHEF. Pastry chef! Of all things! Because, ofc, he had to time travel to fulfill his true destiny. Pastry chefs didn't exist in the times of samurai. That makes sense, totally. Oh god. /laughs forever
I've watched these two videos before, but I thought I'd just stick them on here for those who haven't had the enjoyment of watching them :D

Very Singapore-related and funny as hell.

The constant whining about military service (NS). In an actually funny way. :DDDD

This is INSPIRED. The history of Singapore in four minutes, as sung by Hossan Leong. This never, ever, fails to make me laugh because omfg we are so idiosyncratic, really.

I suppose, at the core, I really do love Singapore.
I feel sick, my throat is sore, I aggravated it by having curry, fried udon, and iced drinks today, I have too many pineapple tarts and tangerines left to finish, I haven't done any studying for next week's mid-terms, I overspent this week, I won't have much time to rest over the next three days, I am bereft of one netbook, I should really go to sleep, I love [ profile] trivialaffair, and I love Donghae when he looks like this:

That is all.



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