So I'm finally back from Nanjing and somewhat ready to make a concert report, though warnings in advance that my memory is sketchy and mixed up and I did not, horrors, recognise many of the songs in the SS3 set list. Trawling through the labelled fancams for the Beijing concert sort of helped in identifying some of the encore songs but does not help make me feel any better about not recognising so many songs (the set list for SS3 is so weird, okay?).

And with this, I commence the crazy Nanjing concert report of doom. )
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One of the best mishearings in a while happened during my last Statistics class. The lecturer was going through chi-square material for the final exam.

Lecturer: Hmm, yeah, okay, you'll need to know Cramer's Phi.
Me: (awakes from spacing out) Huh? 
Me: (to James) What's the Famous Five?
James: Huh? What's Famous Five?
Me: She said we needed to remember the Famous Five.
James: (flips textbook confusedly) But there isn't anything called the Famous Five...
Joyce: (enters conversation) Why do you two look so confused?
Me: What's the Famous Five?
Joyce: Huh?
Joyce: you mean 'Cramer's Phi'? 
Me: ....OH!!!!11!!
James: Huh? Cramer's pie?
Joyce: OMG you two. One Famous Five, one Cramer's pie. What, you think this is Enid Blyton? Something to eat? OMG. OMGGGGG.

And here I thought statisticians were being cool by naming their mathematical steps after 'Famous Five'...associating themselves with a famous theme to capture attention or help people know, like newspaper headlines being Oh Fredo. You break my heart. Evidently not, though. :|

Hi everybody. Good luck to all the ill-lucked people having finals along with me ;___;

.....I have a massive urge to write epic KyuHyuk. 10,000 words. Or something. It's been so long since I've written something above 10k a;sldkj;aslkj /fingers getting itchy

I also expect that I will be the only reader of my 10k KyuHyuk ;__;



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