Things that greeted me this morning...

This song. fuck. IT IS SO EARGASMIC UGH. This is the kind of song that SME should be coming out with more. There isn't a single note in this song that isn't gorgeous and perfectly put together. The arrangement, rap, singing, soul, adlibs, this is k-pop at its fucking best I swear.

And then this is k-pop at its visual best. The girls are such beautiful eye-candy *___* I really like blonde Tiffany and ugh Sooyoung those legs are the definition of legs or something. The choreography is great and stylish too, about 8723 levels up from the cringefest of Oh!

Because Hyukjae is bamf with his arrow-shooting, okay. You can shoot arrows at me any time, my lovely. And keep strutting those legs too. ....I HOPE THEY REPLACE POKER FACE/SINGLE LADIES WITH HOOT YES PRZ.

Finally, this is k-pop at its humourous best. Oh god Hyukjae you and your opera lipsynching with that dorkydork face. Life with you would be filled with so much laughter ♥

Oh no wait I'm not done. After my last post I can't not wrap up any k-pop without a touch of EunHae, y/y?

Donghae: ... :)
Hyukjae: /oblivious
In secondary school, we used to push each other exactly like that into our crushes ;)

Everybody has to listen to this gorgeous, gorgeous piece of rock instrumental. *__________*

That aside, Korean indie music is so good. I am so incredibly in love with this LeeSsang feat Luicid Fall song; so laid back, chill, jazzy, with such rich vocals, like taking your time falling in love.

I'm really beginning to love this song ♥ the rapping, singing, and lyrics are gorgeous. It's so interesting how it combines a woman's really high voice and a man's gruff voice.

I hope so hard that Eunhyuk covers this song in SuShow3 because the rapping is perfect for him :D

Also, Lee Hyori looks fantastic in this video. For anyone who doesn't know who Lee Hyori is, she is one of the most beautiful women I've seen and she oozes style and class :)
Back to the k-pop meme after stressing it out over NEWS :) 

I'm doing five categories today! Because there are two categories wherein I have no input.

Day 5: Your favorite k-pop song from your favorite guy group

Individually, it's Kyuhyun's 7 Years of Love, and unofficially, it's their Sukira cover of Butterfly Graveyard. But! :D 

Because it is fierce and absolutely mind-blowingly stunning.

Honorable mentions to: Heartquake, Boom Boom, Mirror, Neorago.

four more categories, I am productive, quite. )

First, I watch this aged video of Heechul, Kangin and Sungmin on Tablo's Dream Radio where Heechul recs FT Island's 'Until You're Back', and emo as it is, I fall in love with the song immediately because god, it is gorgeous. The opening, the singing, the guitar playing, the rapping, the's so addictive and catchy and beautiful that I immediately downloaded two of FT Island's albums just to get more of their sound. Which is why everyone has to listen to it too, or watch this brilliant performance, or you know, both, because it deserves attention.

Also, Hongki really looks like Jiro Wang in this. For real. If they'd sung in Chinese instead, I would've thought it was Jiro Wang. Which is good? Because Jiro is hot?

And then Heechul tweets and cyworlds about Hangeng and I am crying inside because idek, it hurts to be reminded of it. Usually I am okay with Hangeng's absence, but damn when something like that happens I miss him sfm and hate him for making me miss him and making Heechul emo and then I remember his ridiculous contract and I don't know what to think.

I shall just...stop being conflicted and listen to FT Island being emo instead.

...Come to think of it, the song title is really appropriate!
What I’m aiming for is to step forward into Korea!
My “Korea Boom” is, as usual, continuing. It’s been 1 and a half months since I’ve started learning Korean but recently when I went to Korea for the first time in half a year, I could read all the characters on the signs! I’m thinking that someday I’d want to cross over that line from Japan to Korea in regards to things like music and dramas and entertainment and so now, to be able to achieve that, I’m practising my Korean everyday.
- Koyama

Looking for the phantom seasoning
Lately Korean movies are passionate! Especially the movie “utsusemi” left an impact on me. Within a 1 hour 30 minute story, the main character didn’t even have 1 line. The heroin only had 1 line, “I love you*”. Despite that, it was done really well! And also I’ve been looking at other works by the director, Kim Ki-duk, and I’ve been watching a wide variety of Korean movies. Up until now I hadn’t watched anything but Japanese films. . it was unexpected to me though. And then, this time I’ve started to grow an interest in the country of Korea itself and recently me and Koyama went along with a mutual acquaintance of ours.
- Shige

Both quotes taken from this translation

KoyaShige have become Korean fanboys, yo.

I feel so proud of them ;___; XD

I should scheme about sending them a DVD of the full season of Explorers of the Human Body; I think they'd really appreciate it :D



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