One of the most inspiring and beautiful songs ever performed.

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This actually brought tears to my very unsentimental eyes.

If only it hadn't been a commercial...still, fantastic video, everyone should watch it and love it, etc.

By the way, I am still absolutely furious at what my friend told me yesterday. While she and two others were floundering in snow along a sidewalk a couple weeks ago, someone rolled down his car window and shouted "Suck my dick" at them. Also yesterday, while she and I were climbing over a little hill to get to a traffic light, someone honked at us. I am just disgusted, okay. Most of the Americans I've come into contact with over the last one and a half months have been absolutely friendly and nice people, but what is the deal with these fuckers? These are the ones who give Americans a bad name. >.>

I am sort of struggling to breathe. That introduction is the single most perfect thing ever. These guys, why are they like this?

Also, I kind of love how the intro is basically saying: STEP ASIDE BITCHES, THIS IS SUPER JUNIOR. YOU WILL LOOK AT US. AND YOU WILL WORSHIP US.

Me: ...Okay! :D /whipped

Edited to add:

So SHINee's Lucifer performance with f(x) in the SBS Gayo Daejun was epic to the most epic degree. Intense and sexy and passionate and if it does not blow your mind, your mind must be made of steel or something.

SHINee, you may still be babies but hell you have more boss on stage than groups twice as seasoned. This is one of the best performances I've seen since entering Asian idol fandom. (and how pretty is Victoria?)
Things that greeted me this morning...

This song. fuck. IT IS SO EARGASMIC UGH. This is the kind of song that SME should be coming out with more. There isn't a single note in this song that isn't gorgeous and perfectly put together. The arrangement, rap, singing, soul, adlibs, this is k-pop at its fucking best I swear.

And then this is k-pop at its visual best. The girls are such beautiful eye-candy *___* I really like blonde Tiffany and ugh Sooyoung those legs are the definition of legs or something. The choreography is great and stylish too, about 8723 levels up from the cringefest of Oh!

Because Hyukjae is bamf with his arrow-shooting, okay. You can shoot arrows at me any time, my lovely. And keep strutting those legs too. ....I HOPE THEY REPLACE POKER FACE/SINGLE LADIES WITH HOOT YES PRZ.

Finally, this is k-pop at its humourous best. Oh god Hyukjae you and your opera lipsynching with that dorkydork face. Life with you would be filled with so much laughter ♥

Oh no wait I'm not done. After my last post I can't not wrap up any k-pop without a touch of EunHae, y/y?

Donghae: ... :)
Hyukjae: /oblivious
In secondary school, we used to push each other exactly like that into our crushes ;)
I just read one of the most emotionally stirring newspaper features I have ever come across, touching and uplifting, and beautiful in its simplicity. So, to push it on all of you because that's what I do, I have painstakingly typed out the entire article for your enjoyment. If you need something to make you smile, read it. Or, in other words, I demand that you read it! :D 

Out of the mouths of babes

By Janice Tay, Correspondent

I met him two years ago but since we live in different countries, I see him only when I visit Singapore.

He is different each time. And now that he is two years old, young Jordy has more hair than he did when we first met.

He has two homes - Singapore and New Zealand, where his father was born. He went there for the first time when he was 15 months old; the holiday photos show him chasing lambs bigger than he was.

the story continues. )

Everybody has to listen to this gorgeous, gorgeous piece of rock instrumental. *__________*

That aside, Korean indie music is so good. I am so incredibly in love with this LeeSsang feat Luicid Fall song; so laid back, chill, jazzy, with such rich vocals, like taking your time falling in love.

Eunhyuk singing 'I'm Yours'; watching and falling so hard in crush-infatuation-love with him like idek.

One, when did he learn to sing like that?
Two, when did he become so confident when singing more-than-four-seconds?
Three, OOH-WHEE!
Four, the way he interacts with the audience, so insanely precious.
Five, his :D face throughout makes me want to smush his cheeks.
Six, his voice is so so so pretty.
Seven, his hair is so fluffy.
Eight, he is so freaking good at working the audience.
Nine, his English pronunciation is making me simultaneously LOL and d'aww at the same time.
Ten, Lee Hyukjae, squeak another ooh-whee and I will fall at your feet in worship. (I mean, I will fall again at your feet in worship.)

Er....OOH-WHEE!!! (Yes, I become a mindless ooh-whee-ing person when Hyukjae dictates that I should.)
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This song, Te, is just...beautiful. Everything about it. The melody, the emotion, the singing...I hadn't heard of Moriyama Ryoko before this but I am now gawking with admiration at her because her voice is stunning and her expressions of emotion even more so. Just watch her playing the guitar and singing Nada Sou Sou; it's completely breathtaking.

Also, for Te, I am fascinated by how she sings: kotae wa, ha, ha, ha~ kono te de

でも いつか 探す 鍵で 開くことができる
きっと 誰もが 愛のために 涙拭える


Ugh. I don't even know how to begin describing how moved I am by her songs.

And yes, I have been rewatching Nino's Haikei Chichiue-sama lately. I've decided that it's really the heartwarming, slice-of-life jdramas that I like best, even though the crack dramas are fun.

Yesterday, [ profile] htenywg and I finally visited Kampong Lorong Buangkok (as mentioned here; the last remaining village in Singapore) and it was a very (hot and) pleasant experience :D

A tiny village with the city built all around it.

All you hear is the wind and the insects in the mini-forest. )
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How ironic is it that after years of wanting an idol group coughNEWSahem to do a cover of Mr. Children, in the end it's Donghae and Sungmin who oblige with their live of 'Kurumi'? 

I don't really know what to say. I'm still trembling from the joy and disbelief of how awesome it is when my fandoms collide *____*

And fuck HaeMin sounded goddamned good singing it, ok, even through all the crazy static and general awfulness of the audio quality.

If there is any justice in this world at all, this duet will be included in the Fuji TV (?) broadcast of the KRY+DS concert so that I can rip the audio out of it and spend the rest of my life being sobby and teary-eyed over it, or something.

I love him so much idek ;__; how can anyone look so absolutely adorable doing the Gee dance in a suit? And I can't get over how his face is just alternately :D and :3 throughout XD (also, lol at the random flailing of Jokwon flitting past the screen) Lee Hyukjae, it's so exhausting fangirling you.

Anyway, this marks the end of a week in which I've watched a movie, ranted, spent a lot of money, had serious conversations, had spazzy idiotic ones, and got told that I am mature for my age. No one is to deny me my maturity.

Now I shall finish up the k-pop meme :)

it feels so grand finishing up a 30-day meme at last :D also, there are so many really quality things in k-pop *___* )

I'm really beginning to love this song ♥ the rapping, singing, and lyrics are gorgeous. It's so interesting how it combines a woman's really high voice and a man's gruff voice.

I hope so hard that Eunhyuk covers this song in SuShow3 because the rapping is perfect for him :D

Also, Lee Hyori looks fantastic in this video. For anyone who doesn't know who Lee Hyori is, she is one of the most beautiful women I've seen and she oozes style and class :)
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....this is amazing. It really is ♥

Speaking of Bonamana, I seem to be liking the song more with every replay. It is really catchy and bouncy. The only problem is that whenever it ends, Ring Ding Dong is what gets stuck in my head, not Bonamana.

Also, I can't imagine them in punk chains and spikes with this song. More like coconut trees and the seaside and gyrating girls in bikinis. I would like to ask SME what exactly all that punk and goth was for.

At least this eliminates any possibility of vampires?

(I wouldn't mind gyrating Suju)
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Aside from the massive fangirling over OH MY GODDDD THEY'RE ALMOST BACK I am so extremely amused at K-pop's way of handling 'comebacks'.

In JE, what we get as teasers are email notifications from CD Japan, tiny little single covers from the official site and then the song played on a radio show a couple of days before the official PV and performance on Music Station.

In K-pop. Or at least SME. OR Super Junior, because they're apparently too big to have actual MV/song teasers, we get members hinting about the new album three months in advance. Tons of rumours flying around about their new concept (zombies? vampires? pastry chefs?). Photos from a stylist that don't reveal too much. Fanclubs banding together to donate money for 'food and PR support'. Fan-made trailers. Suju trending on twitter about 298 times. Then a couple of official pictures released showing their va-va-voom new image. THEN a teaser that says NOTHING but throws shadows everywhere to the sound of epic movie-trailer-ish background music. Ending off with a deep voice saying "Super Junior. ComeBAAAAAAAAACK." (I'm going to be imitating this for months). A specific date and time set for the release of the new song: 10 May, 10am.

Oh, K-pop. It's like watching a summer blockbuster and afternoon soap opera all rolled into one.


And I kind of like how it's just. Super Junior - The Fourth Album. LMAO. We don't need names for our albums, bitches. (Actually, there are names, only nobody ever notices because, you know. We don't need names bitches!!)

I should stop making fun of it. I love this fandom for all its drama, really ♥ I will love it even more if they'll stop blocking Hyukjae's face out.

...Also, I love how Donghae, Heechul and Teuk are tweeting back and forth. It reminds me of the JE Twitter fic that [ profile] gothicauthor and I wrote except that the guys are different. ad;slkj keep tweeting away, lovelies :D

First, I watch this aged video of Heechul, Kangin and Sungmin on Tablo's Dream Radio where Heechul recs FT Island's 'Until You're Back', and emo as it is, I fall in love with the song immediately because god, it is gorgeous. The opening, the singing, the guitar playing, the rapping, the's so addictive and catchy and beautiful that I immediately downloaded two of FT Island's albums just to get more of their sound. Which is why everyone has to listen to it too, or watch this brilliant performance, or you know, both, because it deserves attention.

Also, Hongki really looks like Jiro Wang in this. For real. If they'd sung in Chinese instead, I would've thought it was Jiro Wang. Which is good? Because Jiro is hot?

And then Heechul tweets and cyworlds about Hangeng and I am crying inside because idek, it hurts to be reminded of it. Usually I am okay with Hangeng's absence, but damn when something like that happens I miss him sfm and hate him for making me miss him and making Heechul emo and then I remember his ridiculous contract and I don't know what to think.

I shall just...stop being conflicted and listen to FT Island being emo instead.

...Come to think of it, the song title is really appropriate!
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Amazingly professional fan-made trailer for Suju's upcoming 4th album.

Step aside folks, Suprah Juniah's coming back.
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It's Eunhyuk's birthday. I realise that I'm posting really late about it. (By the time I'm done with this post, it may not even be his birthday anymore)

Probably everyone on my long-suffering flist who has been regularly (or even irregularly) following this lj will know that he's my ultimate bias in Suju. That, despite me being a sucker for every member and probably able to write a thesis for each of them (except, well, Kibum, because he's imaginary); still, my love for Eunhyuk is ridiculous and insane and not quite understandable even to myself :|

He's simply one of the silliest, goofiest, craziest guys in the whole of the idol sphere. He does the most retarded things (or he gets stuck doing the most retarded things, which is an entirely different matter), he gets made fun of ceaselessly because Eunhyuk being made fun of balances the world, he's got the dorkiest dorkface and he's skinnier than a beanpole and his gums show when he smiles. He's a walking, falling, giggling definition of dork. He cries when he gets emotional (and he's emotional a lot), he gets lost at an airport (and has to be rescued by fans), he gets nicknames like Monkey and Anchovy, he has to dress up as Snow White (retarded things, yes), he sets his own sleeve on fire from candles on a cake, and he gets his pants pulled off the most.

He's also snarky and witty and sarcastic and clever. He's got fantastic comedic timing and his imagination is to be revered. He makes dancing look like it's part of himself, like he puts in no effort at all even though you know it's the product of over ten years of hard training. He's friends with the world. He's stunning on stage. He's amazingly sexy and he has a beautiful face with a gorgeous jawline. He has a sense of humour. He's always willing to do retarded things. He raps like he's rhythm.

In short: the universe kind of hates Hyukjae, but it loves him more.


Because he can move his hips like that, this is the massive Lee Hyukjae picspam post of obsession love and appreciation. In parts, even.

Oh! Hyukjae!  )




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