Sprinkling a bit of love on everyone living in this troubled world.

A bit of humour...

My dad's reactions while watching my mum's 100-episode Korean drama...

[When one of the characters is thrown out of a wedding] "They threw him out! Go and scratch their car lah!"
[When mum explains the intricate plot of murders, cheating, etc.] "Why are there so many terrible people in Korea?! "
[When the characters are going on long monologues] "They like to talk to themselves, huh? Maybe if you go to Korea you'll see a whole bunch of people standing outside their gates talking to themselves." [Monologue continues...] "And it's not just a bit of talking leh, it's a lot! It's been almost five minutes already!" 
[When one of the characters offers her daughter's room to a stranger and is in pain over it] "Don't tell me the house got no other room meh? It's so big?"
[When the brother is in pain over the death of his sister-who-is-not-really-dead] "Why can't that stupid dead sister come and talk to him?" 
[When mum explains the sad love story of the girl who committed suicide because she couldn't marry her loved one] "And because of that she killed herself?!" 

Ahaha :D

Meeting [livejournal.com profile] teexsaurus and [livejournal.com profile] thundersquall later for dinner and heart to heart ♥

A big happy Deepavali to all!
There is an article in the Straits Times today about Singapore's last surviving village, Kampung Lorong Buangkok, with pictures of the quaint green houses and pink doors. While reading it I felt like going to visit it to see what it was like since it's going to be pulled down soon to make way for ~modern developments~, but my dad said "Yah you young people can go see it, I don't really care." So I said, "Were there lots of kampungs (villages) in your childhood? Did you go to them?" 

Apparently he had visited many of them, in fact, both Chinese and Malay villages, which then sparked a string of memories that I shall title: Singapore in the 1960s (or 'Swimming With Shit').

A taste of South-East Asian life back then: houses on stilts, fishing through toilet bowls, spearing swordfishes, and lots of shit. Literal, shit. )



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