Suju's Saturday night schedule for the next 5 weeks-

Saturday, 8/14 – 8/15 Super Show 3 in Seoul
Saturday, 8/21 – 2010 SMTOWN Concert in Seoul
Saturday, 8/28 – Super Show 3 in Qingdao, China
Saturday, 9/4 – 2010 SMTOWN Concert in L.A
Saturday, 9/11 – 2010 SMTOWN Concert in Shanghai

Four cities, five concerts, two timezones and thousands of miles in slightly over a month, in addition to their regular radio programmes, variety show appearances, and early morning dance/gym sessions on weekdays. This is so crazy. I foresee more hospital IV drips D:

And then a rumour about Kibum coming back to the group? I find that really hard to believe :| SJ's not really doing group activities anymore except the concerts, unless of course they're starting their own show, if which I will probably go into hysterics of joy and spam twitter about a hundred times within an hour. Have been binging on Strong Heart, KBS Nocturnal and Star King and just. SJ fully lives up to their 'kings of variety' reputation. I really, really want them to be the main guests on a show without girl groups or 20398 MCees, just them doing their own thing and being silly and witty and hilarious and ironic and making fun of each other all over the place. And um, I want to full body cuddle Donghae because he's probably the most adorable thing ever to breathe oxygen. Somewhat.

Speaking of which, if you haven't already, do check out the Suju as animals drabble!fest (a.k.a. I say mew and you say moo) that I started half a week ago. Squeals and 'aww's' over the cute in simply everything are guaranteed. You know you want to read Suju being cows and puppies and chickadees and penguins and hamsters :D

Meeting [ profile] teexsaurus, [ profile] amaelamin_ and [ profile] thundersquall tomorrow for some heart to heart. Looking forward to it very much ♥

Three weeks left of work. *__* I swear once it's all over I'm going to sack out at the airport for days and just a head's up to anyone who might want to find me, go to Starbucks at T2, I'll be there.

And I love you so, Hyukjae ♥

One of these days I'm going to picspam EunHae in a post hopefully as epic as the Pin post that [ profile] myxstorie linked.
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One of the best mishearings in a while happened during my last Statistics class. The lecturer was going through chi-square material for the final exam.

Lecturer: Hmm, yeah, okay, you'll need to know Cramer's Phi.
Me: (awakes from spacing out) Huh? 
Me: (to James) What's the Famous Five?
James: Huh? What's Famous Five?
Me: She said we needed to remember the Famous Five.
James: (flips textbook confusedly) But there isn't anything called the Famous Five...
Joyce: (enters conversation) Why do you two look so confused?
Me: What's the Famous Five?
Joyce: Huh?
Joyce: you mean 'Cramer's Phi'? 
Me: ....OH!!!!11!!
James: Huh? Cramer's pie?
Joyce: OMG you two. One Famous Five, one Cramer's pie. What, you think this is Enid Blyton? Something to eat? OMG. OMGGGGG.

And here I thought statisticians were being cool by naming their mathematical steps after 'Famous Five'...associating themselves with a famous theme to capture attention or help people know, like newspaper headlines being Oh Fredo. You break my heart. Evidently not, though. :|

Hi everybody. Good luck to all the ill-lucked people having finals along with me ;___;

.....I have a massive urge to write epic KyuHyuk. 10,000 words. Or something. It's been so long since I've written something above 10k a;sldkj;aslkj /fingers getting itchy

I also expect that I will be the only reader of my 10k KyuHyuk ;__;



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