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....In news unrelated to the two men above, I will be in NYC in approximately five days! So excited to meet [ profile] ununoriginal (whom I haven't seen since August I think), [ profile] apocryphalic, [ profile] sinonymity, [ profile] taoyan! We're going to have a great time, girls ♥
Things that greeted me this morning...

This song. fuck. IT IS SO EARGASMIC UGH. This is the kind of song that SME should be coming out with more. There isn't a single note in this song that isn't gorgeous and perfectly put together. The arrangement, rap, singing, soul, adlibs, this is k-pop at its fucking best I swear.

And then this is k-pop at its visual best. The girls are such beautiful eye-candy *___* I really like blonde Tiffany and ugh Sooyoung those legs are the definition of legs or something. The choreography is great and stylish too, about 8723 levels up from the cringefest of Oh!

Because Hyukjae is bamf with his arrow-shooting, okay. You can shoot arrows at me any time, my lovely. And keep strutting those legs too. ....I HOPE THEY REPLACE POKER FACE/SINGLE LADIES WITH HOOT YES PRZ.

Finally, this is k-pop at its humourous best. Oh god Hyukjae you and your opera lipsynching with that dorkydork face. Life with you would be filled with so much laughter ♥

Oh no wait I'm not done. After my last post I can't not wrap up any k-pop without a touch of EunHae, y/y?

Donghae: ... :)
Hyukjae: /oblivious
In secondary school, we used to push each other exactly like that into our crushes ;)
lsdkjcfkljh back from the Suju concert. Oh my god. I feel like I've never given them the adequate amount of love they deserve because they are so amazing. They interacted so much with the audience and picked up gifts strewn on the stage and unwrapped presents and put on silly headbands and played with toys and THEY ALL LOOKED SO FUCKING GORGEOUS IN THE FLESH, IT'S SURREAL A;DLKJCALSDJ

The only complaint I have is that Eunhyuk was hardly ever on my side except at the end, but oh my god the HyukHae was happening everywhere. Crystal, you would have died along with me. THE VERY LAST MOMENT OF THE CONCERT, DONGHAE AND HYUK WERE THE ONLY ONES LEFT ON STAGE AND HAE WAS BLOWING KISSES TO THE AUDIENCE AND HYUK WAS ALL "WHAT ABOUT ME?!" AND HAE KISSED HIS HAND AND SLAPPED IT ON HYUK'S MOUTH AND I SORT OF WENT, THANK YOU OTP THIS IS WHAT I CAME HERE FOR /promptly collapses

Speaking of Donghae, he was over at my side so much and seriously, this guy is just drop dead gorgeous. He was wearing his black wifebeater at one point and I could see the line of muscles on his chest, and then he flashed this big wide smile at everybody and I might or might not have screamed my head off. I screamed my head off for pretty much everyone, though. Siwon, Yesung, Sungmin (!!!!), Heechul, Ryeowook, Shindong were on my side a lot and oh my god Sungmin is utterly fuckingly perfect and dripping with adorability. Shindong was total entertainment and I was so pleased that everyone was shrieking for him because I swear he does not get enough love. Hyuk did finally deign to come over at the end and I think I should stop here because MY MIND WAS COMPLETELY BLOWN HOW CAN A MAN BE SO GORGEOUS IN EVERYTHING AND FROM ANY ANGLE A;SLDJA;SLDCF;LAJD

This is a brief summary XD [ profile] trivialaffair, [ profile] htenywg, [ profile] towa_no_imi, possibly [ profile] ununoriginal and I are going to team up to make a fan report to end all fan reports :D

So very blissful now, despite sore throat and semi-blocked nose :D



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