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Because this cracked [ profile] thundersquall and I up so much, it deserves to be shared with everyone too :D (mostly Singaporeans, though, since I'm not sure how much a non-Singaporean would understand) but anyway:

Super Junior as Singaporean Boyfriends

And yes, they pretty much fail...very badly. Except for Siwon and Sungmin.

So, Super Junior as Singaporean boyfriends in various scenarios! Written by both me and [ profile] thundersquall :D

On Going to the Beach to Watch a Movie Screening


You: Let's go to the beach tomorrow, there's a free screening of Ice Age.
Kyuhyun: …what for?!
You: It'll be fun!
Kyuhyun: …just download it lah!


You: Let's go to the beach tomorrow, there's a free screening of Ice Age.
Kibum: Okay.
You: It'll be so much fun!
Kibum: Yup. Okay. If you want to go lor.


You: Let's go to the beach tomorrow, there's a free screening of Ice Age.
Donghae: OMG OKAY!!!! :DDDD!
You: We can bring like, beehoon and stuff!


You: Let's go to the beach tomorrow, there's a free screening of Ice Age.
Ryeowook: Ooh!! So fun! Okay! /claps hands
You: Can bring some food…
Ryeowook: Okay! I will make beehoon, curry chicken, fried chicken, nuggets, fried rice, …what else ar? Oh yeah, can bring fruits too for dessert, eh I go NTUC buy strawberries to eat with cream hehe.


You: Let's go to the beach tomorrow, there's a free screening of Ice Age.
Kangin: Har, what fuck Ice Age.
You: That cartoon lah, last time got show one, very nice.
Kangin: Ka ni nah, beach damn hot lah.
You: But it'll be fun…
Kangin: Some more sure got the cheebye mosquito one.
You: But I really want to go leh…
Kangin: okokokokoklah. Wah lau eh. I call my kaki come along.


Heechul will not go.

And more of this macabre ridiculousness )
LMAO #1:
Eunhyuk: It had been said that in some website’s research, for “The Singer I Most Want to Brew Pomelo Tea for” Kyuhyun has won the overwhelming first place… really speechless.
Leeteuk: Lately, websites have been coming up with these weird polls. It’s still okay to talk about who you want to go on a vacation with, but why are there these kind of polls such as brewing Pomelo tea.
Eunhyuk: And why would they want to brew Pomelo tea for Kyuhyun.

LMAO #2:


for a more focused view. )

Even 14 hours behind and 2398723 miles away, I am still in love with this group ♥
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this is the funniest thing i've seen this week, i swear.



Nov. 30th, 2010 05:14 pm
reposting from [ profile] anamuan:

1. Copy this text: pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk

2. Paste into Google Translate

3. Translate from German to German
4. Click "Listen"

5. Enjoy.

Sprinkling a bit of love on everyone living in this troubled world.

A bit of humour...

My dad's reactions while watching my mum's 100-episode Korean drama...

[When one of the characters is thrown out of a wedding] "They threw him out! Go and scratch their car lah!"
[When mum explains the intricate plot of murders, cheating, etc.] "Why are there so many terrible people in Korea?! "
[When the characters are going on long monologues] "They like to talk to themselves, huh? Maybe if you go to Korea you'll see a whole bunch of people standing outside their gates talking to themselves." [Monologue continues...] "And it's not just a bit of talking leh, it's a lot! It's been almost five minutes already!" 
[When one of the characters offers her daughter's room to a stranger and is in pain over it] "Don't tell me the house got no other room meh? It's so big?"
[When the brother is in pain over the death of his sister-who-is-not-really-dead] "Why can't that stupid dead sister come and talk to him?" 
[When mum explains the sad love story of the girl who committed suicide because she couldn't marry her loved one] "And because of that she killed herself?!" 

Ahaha :D

Meeting [ profile] teexsaurus and [ profile] thundersquall later for dinner and heart to heart ♥

A big happy Deepavali to all!
There is an article in the Straits Times today about Singapore's last surviving village, Kampung Lorong Buangkok, with pictures of the quaint green houses and pink doors. While reading it I felt like going to visit it to see what it was like since it's going to be pulled down soon to make way for ~modern developments~, but my dad said "Yah you young people can go see it, I don't really care." So I said, "Were there lots of kampungs (villages) in your childhood? Did you go to them?" 

Apparently he had visited many of them, in fact, both Chinese and Malay villages, which then sparked a string of memories that I shall title: Singapore in the 1960s (or 'Swimming With Shit').

A taste of South-East Asian life back then: houses on stilts, fishing through toilet bowls, spearing swordfishes, and lots of shit. Literal, shit. )
Anyone familiar with the stupid YOG cheer "You are the one Singapore" should watch this because it is fucking awesome and I mean awesome in that I laughed so hard I could barely breathe.

A remix of the YOG song with Mblaq's "Oh Yeah". According to the remixer, he wanted to make the YOG song sound better or something. Because, you know, both the songs go "Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah." That makes them perfect songs to be remixed together, obviously. :D

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One of the best mishearings in a while happened during my last Statistics class. The lecturer was going through chi-square material for the final exam.

Lecturer: Hmm, yeah, okay, you'll need to know Cramer's Phi.
Me: (awakes from spacing out) Huh? 
Me: (to James) What's the Famous Five?
James: Huh? What's Famous Five?
Me: She said we needed to remember the Famous Five.
James: (flips textbook confusedly) But there isn't anything called the Famous Five...
Joyce: (enters conversation) Why do you two look so confused?
Me: What's the Famous Five?
Joyce: Huh?
Joyce: you mean 'Cramer's Phi'? 
Me: ....OH!!!!11!!
James: Huh? Cramer's pie?
Joyce: OMG you two. One Famous Five, one Cramer's pie. What, you think this is Enid Blyton? Something to eat? OMG. OMGGGGG.

And here I thought statisticians were being cool by naming their mathematical steps after 'Famous Five'...associating themselves with a famous theme to capture attention or help people know, like newspaper headlines being Oh Fredo. You break my heart. Evidently not, though. :|

Hi everybody. Good luck to all the ill-lucked people having finals along with me ;___;

.....I have a massive urge to write epic KyuHyuk. 10,000 words. Or something. It's been so long since I've written something above 10k a;sldkj;aslkj /fingers getting itchy

I also expect that I will be the only reader of my 10k KyuHyuk ;__;
I don't know what is with me and uncanny resemblance spotting lately, but...

do not deny that Ryo would make a perfect addition to the hippie Beatles: 

y/y? :D?

Now if only Ryo would donate some of his abundant hair to Hyukjae, the world would be perfect.
Had dinner and ice cream by the river with [ profile] ununoriginal and [ profile] trivialaffair tonight, and I think the highlight was:

triv: Yeah, so, tell me. What happened? I don't know.
Me: Right. My friend....has a mother.
triv/unun: ...........................OH OF COURSE. SHE WOULD. Your friend has a MOTHER. BAHAHAHAHA.
Me: I didn't realise it sounded so stupid until I said it! 
triv: That's why it was so funny. Best opening line ever.
Me: Yes. Yes. So my friend has a mother. And her mother has...a birthday.

I am a born storyteller, obviously :D Accolades, please.

I know I've been flailing about Suju a lot, so I shall take a break from it this post and flail over Shige again, because this Wagahai entry rules lives. Shige and his problems with being over-loved. Kato-sama, I do so heartily sympathise. And on that note, Massu is adorable and should complain more so Wagahai gets to record it down for our general amusement.

Also, ngl...this piece of writing about Ryo's Chonmage Purin cracked me up so hard because I mean. A TIME-TRAVELLING SAMURAI TURNED PASTRY CHEF. Pastry chef! Of all things! Because, ofc, he had to time travel to fulfill his true destiny. Pastry chefs didn't exist in the times of samurai. That makes sense, totally. Oh god. /laughs forever

I've watched these two videos before, but I thought I'd just stick them on here for those who haven't had the enjoyment of watching them :D

Very Singapore-related and funny as hell.

The constant whining about military service (NS). In an actually funny way. :DDDD

This is INSPIRED. The history of Singapore in four minutes, as sung by Hossan Leong. This never, ever, fails to make me laugh because omfg we are so idiosyncratic, really.

I suppose, at the core, I really do love Singapore.
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It's Eunhyuk's birthday. I realise that I'm posting really late about it. (By the time I'm done with this post, it may not even be his birthday anymore)

Probably everyone on my long-suffering flist who has been regularly (or even irregularly) following this lj will know that he's my ultimate bias in Suju. That, despite me being a sucker for every member and probably able to write a thesis for each of them (except, well, Kibum, because he's imaginary); still, my love for Eunhyuk is ridiculous and insane and not quite understandable even to myself :|

He's simply one of the silliest, goofiest, craziest guys in the whole of the idol sphere. He does the most retarded things (or he gets stuck doing the most retarded things, which is an entirely different matter), he gets made fun of ceaselessly because Eunhyuk being made fun of balances the world, he's got the dorkiest dorkface and he's skinnier than a beanpole and his gums show when he smiles. He's a walking, falling, giggling definition of dork. He cries when he gets emotional (and he's emotional a lot), he gets lost at an airport (and has to be rescued by fans), he gets nicknames like Monkey and Anchovy, he has to dress up as Snow White (retarded things, yes), he sets his own sleeve on fire from candles on a cake, and he gets his pants pulled off the most.

He's also snarky and witty and sarcastic and clever. He's got fantastic comedic timing and his imagination is to be revered. He makes dancing look like it's part of himself, like he puts in no effort at all even though you know it's the product of over ten years of hard training. He's friends with the world. He's stunning on stage. He's amazingly sexy and he has a beautiful face with a gorgeous jawline. He has a sense of humour. He's always willing to do retarded things. He raps like he's rhythm.

In short: the universe kind of hates Hyukjae, but it loves him more.


Because he can move his hips like that, this is the massive Lee Hyukjae picspam post of obsession love and appreciation. In parts, even.

Oh! Hyukjae!  )

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shindong: eunhyuk-ah~ why did you do that the other time? that time you said you were gonna go to the supermart, & i asked you to help me buy an air freshener. the next day, when i met you at our dorm, i asked you where's the air freshener? & you said, you didn't know what flavor i wanted so you didn't buy, but in the end you bought seven different flavors for yourself.


ryeo: eunhyuk hyung~ everytime we finish practicing/training it'll be 5AM. once we get back to our dorm, he'll go to his own room & lock the door. he has a room to himself, & whenever i wanna go into his room & chat with him, the door's locked. when i call him, the line will be engaged. what exactly do you do?
kyu: eunhyuk hyung doesn't sleep at night. i dunno what he does & who he does it with, but it'll be morning when he sleeps.
ryeo: from what i know, he usually sleeps at 7AM. i dunno what he does for those two hours.
shindong: smelling his seven air fresheners.


kangin: i also wanna say, this time isn't kyuhyun back? really wanna thank him, & also those that have cared about him.
kyu: can i also say something?
kangin: no, hyung is talking, be quiet.

all translated by fragment @ soompi

This is the only way Kangin can pull rank over Kyuhyun because otherwise he and everyone knows he's just mush when it comes to Kyu XD
So. First this happens. 

Hair is instantly hidden under various forms of headgear

And then Donghae decides to be a bff and join in the schoolboy look. 

It actually looks really good on him. Probably the hairdresser liked him a little better. 

And then this happens. 

And I'm like. OKAY I GET THE IDEA ALL OF YOU WANT TO LOOK LIKE BOYS XD a side note, I'm noticing their ears a lot now. It is fascinating.
What I’m aiming for is to step forward into Korea!
My “Korea Boom” is, as usual, continuing. It’s been 1 and a half months since I’ve started learning Korean but recently when I went to Korea for the first time in half a year, I could read all the characters on the signs! I’m thinking that someday I’d want to cross over that line from Japan to Korea in regards to things like music and dramas and entertainment and so now, to be able to achieve that, I’m practising my Korean everyday.
- Koyama

Looking for the phantom seasoning
Lately Korean movies are passionate! Especially the movie “utsusemi” left an impact on me. Within a 1 hour 30 minute story, the main character didn’t even have 1 line. The heroin only had 1 line, “I love you*”. Despite that, it was done really well! And also I’ve been looking at other works by the director, Kim Ki-duk, and I’ve been watching a wide variety of Korean movies. Up until now I hadn’t watched anything but Japanese films. . it was unexpected to me though. And then, this time I’ve started to grow an interest in the country of Korea itself and recently me and Koyama went along with a mutual acquaintance of ours.
- Shige

Both quotes taken from this translation

KoyaShige have become Korean fanboys, yo.

I feel so proud of them ;___; XD

I should scheme about sending them a DVD of the full season of Explorers of the Human Body; I think they'd really appreciate it :D



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