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....In news unrelated to the two men above, I will be in NYC in approximately five days! So excited to meet [ profile] ununoriginal (whom I haven't seen since August I think), [ profile] apocryphalic, [ profile] sinonymity, [ profile] taoyan! We're going to have a great time, girls ♥
LMAO #1:
Eunhyuk: It had been said that in some website’s research, for “The Singer I Most Want to Brew Pomelo Tea for” Kyuhyun has won the overwhelming first place… really speechless.
Leeteuk: Lately, websites have been coming up with these weird polls. It’s still okay to talk about who you want to go on a vacation with, but why are there these kind of polls such as brewing Pomelo tea.
Eunhyuk: And why would they want to brew Pomelo tea for Kyuhyun.

LMAO #2:


for a more focused view. )

Even 14 hours behind and 2398723 miles away, I am still in love with this group ♥
So I'm finally back from Nanjing and somewhat ready to make a concert report, though warnings in advance that my memory is sketchy and mixed up and I did not, horrors, recognise many of the songs in the SS3 set list. Trawling through the labelled fancams for the Beijing concert sort of helped in identifying some of the encore songs but does not help make me feel any better about not recognising so many songs (the set list for SS3 is so weird, okay?).

And with this, I commence the crazy Nanjing concert report of doom. )

Eunhyuk: "EunHae is real."

Hyuk, tell us something we don't know. XD

GDI I love my OTP.

Also, this amazingly well-done fan video:

Happy 5th anniversary to the beautiful talented boys of Super Junior who make us cry and laugh and mock and love ♥ May you go on and on to a 10th anniversary!
Sprinkling a bit of love on everyone living in this troubled world.

A bit of humour...

My dad's reactions while watching my mum's 100-episode Korean drama...

[When one of the characters is thrown out of a wedding] "They threw him out! Go and scratch their car lah!"
[When mum explains the intricate plot of murders, cheating, etc.] "Why are there so many terrible people in Korea?! "
[When the characters are going on long monologues] "They like to talk to themselves, huh? Maybe if you go to Korea you'll see a whole bunch of people standing outside their gates talking to themselves." [Monologue continues...] "And it's not just a bit of talking leh, it's a lot! It's been almost five minutes already!" 
[When one of the characters offers her daughter's room to a stranger and is in pain over it] "Don't tell me the house got no other room meh? It's so big?"
[When the brother is in pain over the death of his sister-who-is-not-really-dead] "Why can't that stupid dead sister come and talk to him?" 
[When mum explains the sad love story of the girl who committed suicide because she couldn't marry her loved one] "And because of that she killed herself?!" 

Ahaha :D

Meeting [ profile] teexsaurus and [ profile] thundersquall later for dinner and heart to heart ♥

A big happy Deepavali to all!



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